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028 California Grape Bin
027 CA Zinfandel
026 CA Syrah
025 CA Sauvignon Blanc
024 CA Pinot Noir
023 CA Merlot
022 CA Chardonnay
021 CA Cabernet Sauvignon
020 Golden Gate Bridge
019 Couple & CA Wine
018 Picnic People
017 CA Wine & Food
016 California Sparkling Wine
015 Rosés
014 Red White Rosé
013 Glasses Birdseye View
012 Oak Barrels
011 Oak Barrels
010 Cover Crop Flowers
009 Vineyard Mustard Grass
008 CA Vineyard House
007 Sheep CA Vineyard
006 Birdbox CA Vineyard
005 California Vineyard Fog
004 California Vineyard
003 California Vineyard
002 California Crush
001 California Harvest
Special Presentation

Discover California Wines PowerPoint Slide Show

Download our PowerPoint presentation "Discover California wines" to use for educational seminars, sales presentations, sheer entertainment and more.

Learn about California's unique wine history, geography, ideal climate and soil, American Viticultural Areas, major varietals, sustainable winegrowing, innovative wine and food pairing, economic impact and more.

The presentation is modular in format so that you can customize your presentation for the length and content you need.

Download Long Version - 114 Slides (106 MB PPTX)
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Download Short Version - 29 Slides (58.5 MB PPTX)
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Updated May 2017